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Find out what are the advantages and benefits of being a Premium below:

  • Empera is free, and players can play for free as long as they want. However, if you like Empera, consider taking the game further by purchasing Premium Time. As a Premium player, you will have additional skills and perks in and out of the game. Buy Premium Time today to make Tibia even more fun!
  • To check the days you have, use the command !Premium

  • Premium System Information
    Premium Details
    XP Boost
    Training Boost
    Slots AutoLoot 15 Slots 25 Slots
    Loot Boost
    Exclusive Full Outfit 0 +3
    Exclusive Mounts 0 +3

    Exclusive outfit addons and mounts
    Exclusive outfit addons:
    Exclusive mounts:

    Premium Time Pricing
    Premium Time can be used for your own account, or the scroll can be sold.
    30 Days PremiumCoins 250

    Snowball War
    Fire Storm