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Notícias: Bem vindos ao EmperaOT

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Bem vindos ao EmperaOT

Opening on May 28, 2021!

Bem vindos, somos o EmperaOT, somos um servidor sério Global Map Full, com diversas features customizadas, passamos 3 anos em desenvolvimentos constantes, corrigindo, atualizando, revendo reports de jogadores, após realizar todos os ajustes, decidimos então iniciar uma nova Season, no qual vai permitir que novos jogadores busquem o sonhado top level, revisamos também nossa forma de up level e outras coisas vamos te apresentar algumas das nossas características:

★ Medium Rates
★ Clients 12.70 otcv8 / Cliente 10x / Cliente Android Mobile / Cliente Linux
★ Party System 100% XP bonus (6 members)
★ Party Hunter Analyser
★ Vocations full balanced (skills and magic level fixed)
★ Green Stamina 3h
★ New Quivers (for paladins)
★ Various Events (Boss Event, Bomberman, Snowball War, Castle War, Dicer Event, Search Item)
★ War Anti Entrosa 100% npcs
★ XP Boost only 1 hour and XP Boostzin 30 min in events.
★ New Hunts and cities custom


Eldritch Cuirass.gifEldritch Hood.gifEldritch Rod.gifEldritch Wand.gifGilded Eldritch Rod.gifGilded Eldritch Wand.gifEldritch Bow.gifGilded Eldritch Bow.gif

Eldritch Breeches.gifEldritch Cowl.gifEldritch Folio.gifEldritch Quiver.gifEldritch Shield.gifEldritch Tome.gifEldritch Warmace.gifGilded Eldritch Warmace.gif

Eldritch Claymore.gifGilded Eldritch Claymore.gifEldritch Greataxe.gifGilded Eldritch Greataxe.gifMagic Forcefield (Laranja).gifMagic Forcefield (Violeta).gif



Phant (Mount).gifShellodon.gifSingeing Steed.gif



Outfit Citizen of Issavi Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Citizen of Issavi Female Addon 3.gifOutfit Royal Bounacean Advisor Male Addon 3.gifOutfit Royal Bounacean Advisor Female Addon 3.gif



Bashmu.gifAbominable Cultist.gifBlemished Spawn.gifGirtablilu Warrior.gif

Juvenile Bashmu.gifMearidion.gifMurmillion.gifScissorion.gifVenerable Girtablilu.gif

The Mega Magmaoid.gifThe Brainstealer.gifThe Abomination.gifSister Hetai.gifNeferi The Spy.gifMegasylvan Yselda.gif

Enusat The Onyx Wing.gifAmenef The Burning.gifVarnished Diremaw.gifTremendous Tyrant.gifStreaked Devourer.gifHoodinion.gif



Montarias novas que você pode usar em nosso servidor:


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