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Character Information
Name: Yasser
Sex: Female
Vocation: Royal Paladin
Level: 453
World: EmperaOT
Residence: Thais
Last login: 8 June 2021, 4:14 pm
Account Status: Premium Account

The Dream Courts Quest
The Secret Library Quest
The Curse Spreads Quest
Threatened Dreams Quest
The First Dragon Quest
Cults of Tibia Quest
Forgotten Knowledge Quest
Demon Helmet
In Service of Yalahar
Pits Of Inferno
The Ancient Tombs
The Annihilator
The Demon Oak
Wrath Of The Emperor

Character Last Deaths
7/06/2021 23:43Died at level 454 by Obelisco Uehue. and Peacemaker
7/06/2021 23:35Died at level 454 by Dash Kongra. and Obelisco Uehue
7/06/2021 23:14Died at level 454 by Brujeria.
7/06/2021 23:04Died at level 454 by Veterano Fuzil. and Brujeria
5/06/2021 00:23Died at level 455 by Psyko Original.
4/06/2021 23:50Died at level 455 by Brutalny Mastel. and Psyko Original
4/06/2021 23:42Died at level 455 by Porrito. and Psyko Original
4/06/2021 23:38Died at level 455 by Ressucitado. and Obelisco Uehue
3/06/2021 23:21Died at level 455 by Paladinx.
3/06/2021 18:42Died at level 456 by Raton Peloteado. and Charmin Precoz
2/06/2021 00:41Died at level 416 by Glock Ricaria. and Wlkox
2/06/2021 00:36Died at level 416 by Justas. and Soy Viral
2/06/2021 00:24Died at level 417 by Blakwand. and Burun Legend
2/06/2021 00:11Died at level 417 by Depressive.
1/06/2021 18:10Died at level 417 by a falcon knight. and Axsfk
31/05/2021 22:01Died at level 418 by an undead elite gladiator.
31/05/2021 19:17Died at level 334 by Antrax. and Tex Sacana
31/05/2021 19:09Died at level 334 by Obelisco Uehue.
31/05/2021 19:05Died at level 334 by Obelisco Uehue. and Axsfk
31/05/2021 18:58Died at level 334 by Charmin Precoz. and Cha Corta
31/05/2021 17:44Died at level 332 by Cha Corta. and Antrax
31/05/2021 17:40Died at level 332 by Antrax.
31/05/2021 17:10Died at level 332 by Reyzor Dealer.
30/05/2021 21:42Died at level 332 by Charmin Precoz. and Tex Sacana
30/05/2021 21:41Died at level 333 by Peacemaker.
30/05/2021 21:41Died at level 333 by Royal Matason. and Pakho
30/05/2021 21:39Died at level 333 by Reyzor Dealer. and Charmin Precoz
30/05/2021 21:38Died at level 333 by Lazarus. and Pakho
30/05/2021 21:37Died at level 333 by Burun Legend.
30/05/2021 21:36Died at level 333 by Burun Legend. and Ceifador
30/05/2021 21:35Died at level 334 by Charmin Precoz. and Burun Legend
30/05/2021 21:34Died at level 334 by Tex Sacana.
30/05/2021 21:33Died at level 334 by Reyzor Dealer. and Burun Legend
30/05/2021 21:32Died at level 334 by Burun Legend.
30/05/2021 21:31Died at level 334 by Lazarus. and Burun Legend
30/05/2021 21:31Died at level 334 by Tex Sacana. and Burun Legend
30/05/2021 21:27Died at level 335 by Lazarus.
30/05/2021 21:26Died at level 335 by Tex Sacana.
30/05/2021 21:23Died at level 335 by Kaiglock. and Obelisco Uehue
30/05/2021 21:20Died at level 335 by Burun Legend. and Peacemaker
30/05/2021 21:19Died at level 335 by Maloh. and Ceifador
30/05/2021 21:15Died at level 336 by Reyzor Dealer.
30/05/2021 21:07Died at level 336 by Ceifador.
30/05/2021 21:05Died at level 336 by Depressive.
30/05/2021 20:58Died at level 336 by Charmin Precoz. and Depressive
30/05/2021 20:57Died at level 336 by Tex Sacana. and Burun Legend
30/05/2021 20:53Died at level 336 by Maloh. and Reyzor Dealer
30/05/2021 20:20Died at level 337 by Ceifador. and Leo
30/05/2021 20:17Died at level 337 by Gringo Aka Charlove. and Obelisco Uehue
30/05/2021 20:15Died at level 337 by Obelisco Uehue. and Leo

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