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Character Information
Name: Magnus Bane
Sex: Male
Vocation: Master Sorcerer
Level: 1905
World: EmperaOT
Residence: Thais
Guild Membership: VENGADORES of the VENGADORES TM
Last login: 11 October 2021, 10:44 pm
Account Status: Premium Account

The Dream Courts Quest
The Secret Library Quest
The Curse Spreads Quest
Threatened Dreams Quest
The First Dragon Quest
Cults of Tibia Quest
Forgotten Knowledge Quest
Demon Helmet
In Service of Yalahar
Pits Of Inferno
The Ancient Tombs
The Annihilator
The Demon Oak
Wrath Of The Emperor

Character Last Deaths
3/09/2021 16:25Died at level 1660 by an icecold book x.
20/08/2021 14:41Died at level 1472 by an icecold book x.
15/08/2021 20:58Died at level 1313 by Ferumbras.
14/08/2021 12:15Died at level 1288 by an icecold book x.
12/08/2021 18:11Died at level 1208 by an energetic book x.
9/08/2021 11:59Died at level 1117 by Lucasmuler. and Dio Rush
3/08/2021 02:37Died at level 1069 by an ink blob x. and an icecold book x
27/07/2021 03:24Died at level 918 by an icecold book x.
22/07/2021 04:12Died at level 686 by an energetic book x. and Slim Shady
13/07/2021 23:53Died at level 465 by Paladinx. and And
9/07/2021 11:59Died at level 464 by And. and Toguro
9/07/2021 11:43Died at level 465 by Sudden. and Toguro
8/07/2021 20:20Died at level 462 by a falcon knight. and a falcon paladin
7/07/2021 04:58Died at level 451 by a vexclaw.
5/07/2021 03:41Died at level 451 by Ekha Helioskai. and Boki Sunfire
4/07/2021 19:12Died at level 450 by Sudden Death. and Raziel Netdown
4/07/2021 18:59Died at level 450 by Veterano Fuzil. and Sudden Death
4/07/2021 18:35Died at level 450 by Semiramis. and Veterano Fuzil
4/07/2021 18:30Died at level 450 by Sub Zero. and Sudden Death
4/07/2021 18:17Died at level 450 by Silvinha Netdown. and Royalp
4/07/2021 18:14Died at level 451 by Semiramis. and And
4/07/2021 17:32Died at level 451 by Sudden Death. and Ekha Helioskai
4/07/2021 17:30Died at level 451 by Elia Wanek. and Semiramis
4/07/2021 17:28Died at level 451 by Raziel Netdown. and Eo Wisor
4/07/2021 03:49Died at level 451 by Almeida. and And
4/07/2021 03:44Died at level 452 by Slayer. and Almeida
4/07/2021 03:35Died at level 452 by Hiba Ragon. and Eo Wisor
4/07/2021 03:31Died at level 452 by Almeida. and Semiramis
4/07/2021 03:11Died at level 452 by Boki Sunfire.
4/07/2021 03:03Died at level 452 by Mabryz. and Semiramis
4/07/2021 02:55Died at level 453 by Almeida. and Eo Wisor
4/07/2021 02:46Died at level 453 by Semiramis. and Almeida
4/07/2021 02:45Died at level 453 by Roleta . and Almeida
4/07/2021 02:40Died at level 453 by Ragnarok. and Almeida
4/07/2021 02:37Died at level 454 by Ragnarok. and Eo Wisor
4/07/2021 02:16Died at level 454 by Roleta . and Eo Wisor
4/07/2021 02:00Died at level 454 by Eo Wisor.
2/07/2021 04:32Died at level 453 by Raziel Netdown. and Royalp
2/07/2021 04:24Died at level 453 by Almeida Mage. and Silvinha Netdown
2/07/2021 04:17Died at level 454 by What Does.
2/07/2021 02:05Died at level 454 by Toguro. and And Uemax
2/07/2021 01:42Died at level 454 by Marola. and And Uemax
2/07/2021 01:30Died at level 454 by And Uemax.
2/07/2021 01:24Died at level 454 by Raziel Netdown. and And Uemax
30/06/2021 20:15Died at level 455 by Ferumbras.
30/06/2021 20:05Died at level 457 by Ferumbras.
30/06/2021 20:04Died at level 458 by Ferumbras.
30/06/2021 19:54Died at level 459 by a many faces.
30/06/2021 19:06Died at level 460 by a infernal demon.
30/06/2021 14:33Died at level 460 by Eo Wisor. and Raziel Netdown

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