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Character Information
Name: Elia Wanek
Sex: Female
Vocation: Elite Knight
Level: 556
World: EmperaOT
Residence: Thais
Last login: 15 October 2021, 5:00 pm

A quem quiser falar comigo caso eu esteja offline..

Account Status: Premium Account

The Dream Courts Quest
The Secret Library Quest
The Curse Spreads Quest
Threatened Dreams Quest
The First Dragon Quest
Cults of Tibia Quest
Forgotten Knowledge Quest
Demon Helmet
In Service of Yalahar
Pits Of Inferno
The Ancient Tombs
The Annihilator
The Demon Oak
Wrath Of The Emperor

Character Last Deaths
17/08/2021 19:26Died at level 520 by a burning book.
16/08/2021 21:22Died at level 520 by a falcon knight. and a falcon paladin
13/08/2021 23:02Died at level 516 by ferumbras mortal shell.
8/07/2021 21:36Died at level 510 by a falcon paladin.
4/07/2021 18:28Died at level 505 by Brujeria. and Dave Ms
4/07/2021 17:40Died at level 506 by Tex Sacana. and Dave Ms
4/07/2021 17:33Died at level 506 by Raziel Netdown. and Dave Ms
4/07/2021 16:15Died at level 507 by a demon. and a falcon paladin
3/07/2021 18:04Died at level 508 by a cloak of terror. and a Vibrant Phantom
3/07/2021 18:02Died at level 509 by a Vibrant Phantom. and a cloak of terror
3/07/2021 17:47Died at level 510 by a Vibrant Phantom.
3/07/2021 00:26Died at level 510 by a brachiodemon. and And
3/07/2021 00:07Died at level 510 by Destro. and Mentalizei
2/07/2021 23:31Died at level 511 by Paladinx. and And
2/07/2021 23:05Died at level 511 by Kawaii Ms. and Leo
2/07/2021 22:40Died at level 511 by Aseki Kun. and Leo
2/07/2021 22:06Died at level 512 by Omrafir.
2/07/2021 21:12Died at level 513 by Semiramis. and Leo
2/07/2021 02:00Died at level 509 by Iguana Loca. and Nature
2/07/2021 01:44Died at level 510 by a many faces.
1/07/2021 21:03Died at level 508 by Toguro. and Royalp
30/06/2021 20:19Died at level 503 by a infernal demon.
30/06/2021 20:15Died at level 504 by Ferumbras.
30/06/2021 20:06Died at level 505 by Ferumbras.
30/06/2021 20:04Died at level 506 by Ferumbras.
30/06/2021 18:47Died at level 505 by a falcon knight.
30/06/2021 17:52Died at level 503 by a falcon paladin.
30/06/2021 15:51Died at level 496 by a falcon knight. and a falcon paladin
30/06/2021 14:07Died at level 491 by a falcon paladin.
29/06/2021 20:12Died at level 490 by Osama Bin Laden. and Morgaroth
29/06/2021 01:49Died at level 491 by a Sorcerer's Apparition. and a many faces
29/06/2021 00:58Died at level 492 by a skeleton elite warrior. and an undead elite gladiator
28/06/2021 13:52Died at level 489 by a Paladin's Apparition. and a Sorcerer's Apparition
27/06/2021 01:49Died at level 489 by Marola. and Mentalizei
26/06/2021 23:35Died at level 490 by lady tenebris.
26/06/2021 22:34Died at level 490 by a Rotten Golem. and a mould phantom
26/06/2021 20:15Died at level 486 by a Rotten Golem.
26/06/2021 19:40Died at level 485 by a branchy crawler. and a Rotten Golem
26/06/2021 18:17Died at level 478 by a branchy crawler.
26/06/2021 17:45Died at level 477 by Su Dden.
26/06/2021 01:14Died at level 478 by a branchy crawler. and a Rotten Golem
26/06/2021 00:16Died at level 478 by a branchy crawler. and a Rotten Golem
25/06/2021 23:31Died at level 478 by a mould phantom. and a branchy crawler
25/06/2021 23:15Died at level 478 by a Rotten Golem. and a mould phantom
25/06/2021 23:07Died at level 479 by a brachiodemon.
24/06/2021 23:57Died at level 480 by Semiramis. and And Das Bufunfa
24/06/2021 23:53Died at level 480 by a brachiodemon.
24/06/2021 23:51Died at level 481 by a infernal demon.
24/06/2021 23:47Died at level 481 by a brachiodemon.
24/06/2021 23:44Died at level 482 by Syx. and Myley

Account Information
Created:1 June 2021, 7:26 pm

1. Elia Wanek EmperaOT offline
2. Kanbaru EmperaOT offline

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